How to Be a Closer: 7 Sales Closing Techniques and Tips for Today

How to Be a Closer: 7 Sales Closing Techniques and Tips for Today

Hard closing is a major turn off for most consumers. Nobody likes to be pressured. High-pressure sales tactics just don’t work anymore. I struggled for a long time trying to be a top closer without applying some of the less-than-honorable tactics I saw my colleagues using.

These sales closing techniques are effective and will help you get the “yes” without being manipulative or skeezy. Check it out.


In his book The Psychology of Selling, Brian Tracy calls sales a “transfer of enthusiasm.”

In order to transfer enthusiasm, you must have enthusiasm.

That enthusiasm comes from passion and belief in your products and services. If you don’t believe in your products, your customers won’t either.

Your customer has been pitched before. They know when you’re just trying to be a slick salesperson and when you have sincere conviction.

So be passionate. Be enthusiastic. Show them you believe.


Belief can’t stop with your products. You must also believe in you.

Go in with the expectation that you will close. Top performers expect a positive outcome and believe they will get it.

If you go into a sales call confident in your ability to sell your product, and truly believe you have the right solution for your prospect you’ll have a better closing rate than someone who doesn’t believe.


Salespeople can overcomplicate things when they don’t have a clear path, when they’re over-talking, feature dumping, and using industry jargon. These all create FUD- fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

So keep it simple.

The easier it is to follow and understand, the more likely your customer is going to say yes. Just be straightforward. Be humble. Be likable.

Trial Closes (i.e. Check in Often)

Check in to look for buying signals. It’s easier to close when you have a better idea of what the customer is thinking.

If you get your customer to make smaller agreements during your call, they are much more likely to make the final agreement and choose to close with you.

Get lots of little “yes” commitments throughout the conversation. Ask them questions that get them to affirm the value on smaller points gets them comfortable saying “yes” in regards to the product.

“I know you said your receptionist is so bogged down right now, do you think the scheduling feature of the software will take a load off for her?”

“Yes, I’m sure it would.”


“Mrs. Smith, how do you think your kids would like this dual-screen rear entertainment system?”

“Oh my gosh, they’d love that. There’d be no more arguing over who watches what in the van!”

Now, when you approach the close, they’ve already said “yes” multiple times. They’re in “yes” mode.

PLUS- you have a great idea of what they like or don’t like about the product. Get those trail closes.

How to Be a Closer 7 Sales Closing Techniques and Tips KISS
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This is probably one my most used sales closing techniques and tips.

If the customer is on the fence and leaning towards buying, if you have just one more strong benefit it can often be the last little nudge they need to make a decision.

Having one more benefit in your back pocket can also help overcoming objections later. Don’t feed them the whole pantry during the presentation. Save something for dessert.


Top producers view “no” differently. Rejection is tough, but if you want to be tough enough for sales you have to learn to accept it, adapt, and move on to the next prospect when the lead is dead.

Don’t lay down at the first “no”. View it as an opportunity to learn more about their needs and provide the information they need to say yes.

For more tips on overcoming objections, check out this article: 10 Tips to Overcoming Objections in Sales

Remember, nobody closes 100% of the time. If you do get a hard no, and it’s not the right for your client, shake the dust off your sandals and move on to the next town.


Top closers know that they close at a certain ratio, a conversion rate. That might be 10% or 20%. So, if they get 8 no’s, they know the “yes” is just a call away.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was “make one more call.” It was quitting time, and I’d had a rough afternoon with a lot of no’s.

The sales manager challenged us to go make one more call. Most people left, but I didn’t.

I went back out on the floor, made one more call, and closed a hefty sale. I had weeded through the “no’s”, not given up, and gotten to the “yes” I needed.


Sales is tough! These sales closing techniques have all helped me become a stronger closer, and I’m confident they can help you as well.

So what about you? What tips do you have to be a closer? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll add them!

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  1. Good blog post!

    1. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Scary and useful! Salesmen get so much crap, but I want to be a good one! xD

    1. It can be scary, I totally get that. Sales is tough! But, if you work hard at it and don’t give up on yourself, you can be a rockstar!

  3. Keep it simple 😂😂😂 stupid. That was funny. Yes you are right. Persistence and confidence are essentials. 😁 thank you for sharing your perspective.

    1. I’m glad you liked that! That’s good ole US Navy wisdom right there 🙂

  4. Good tips! I especially liked resilience because sometimes things just aren’t going your way but you need to keep fighting and working toward your goal. Persistence is key.

    1. Resilience is so hard for some people! Great call out, you do need to keep going and be persistent.

  5. That’s really great tips. Confidence is really the key to success of any work you wanna succeed in .

    1. So true. Confidence is crucial. You have to believe in yourself and the product you’re offering.

  6. Well said. It’s not rocket science is it? I’ll never understand why it’s so hard to get sales consultants to grasp these concepts.

    1. LOL No, I don’t think it is rocket science. Some people struggle, though. Thanks for reading!

  7. having that confidence and keeping it simple is what I believe in the most while dealing with any client. Great tips to close the sales deals.

    1. Thanks for reading! I agree, keeping it simple and confidence are so important!

  8. You have made some great points here, great post! I like the idea of saving a strong benefit for the end to sway a potential customer

    1. That’s definitely one of my favorites also. A lot of people use all of their ammo during the call, and save no bullets for the end. This can be so helpful!

  9. Some top tips here, I am not wanting to be a slaes closer, but this is great for those who are x

    1. Thank so much for the compliment! I’m so glad you got something out of it, even if you don’t work in sales LOL. Hey, in the words of Zig Ziglar, everybody is selling something 😉

  10. Those are great tips. Confidence really makes a big impact on what you are doing. Thanks for sharing this with us, really appreciated it.

    1. Thanks for reading! I agree, confidence is very impactful.

  11. Yes you are right. Persistence and confidence are essentials. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it!

  12. I’ve interned as a marketing agent before and yes, sales is really tough. Resilience is one very key a salesperson must always walk with; now that it is not always a good day. And yes, belief and confidence in one’s product is also key to selling.

    1. You’ve seen it first hand, then! Belief and confidence are vital no matter what you’re selling.

  13. Sales are difficult. It is hard being rejected that much. It’s not personal though. Great tips for getting ahead.

    1. Absolutely, it’s not personal. You’ve gotta have tough skin and just move past it!

  14. These are great tips. I’m not a realtor nor am I in any type of sales, but I still think these are good, relatable tips.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words.

  15. Absolutely incredible advice, especially for anyone who is pursuing a dream or goal. Im a firm believer that you have to believe in yourself and your dream wholeheartedly before trying to convince someone else to get on board with your dream.

    1. Thanks Jennifer!

  16. Wow, great tips! I haven’t been one who is good in sales. Though I do sell some stuff online from time to time, I was never enticed to be part of a sales team because I easily get discouraged. hehe

    1. Hey, sales is hard! It’s easy to get discouraged. I hope you succeed at whatever you do 🙂

  17. I’ve tried working for a company and was assigned to the sales department. I remember how it is hard to get those yeses from customers. I could even remember how I envied my colleagues since it was so easy for them to achieve the quota while I still struggle and then I’ve learned. lol These tips you’ve shared, all those who’ve worked for sales can definitely relate. This is a big help indeed!

    1. So glad to be helpful! Thanks for reading!

  18. Wow! This is a great tips for sales. Its so true that we all need confidence for selling. I have done this before and it really helps my personality to grow.

    1. Confidence is key 🙂

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